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Resource Land Care was founded by Brandon Montes. Brandon leads a team of hardworking professionals to take excellent care of your property. Resource Land Care does high-quality, professional work covering every property management aspect. We’re your Resource to care for the land you love.

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A+ Quality & Comprehensive Services

It’s hard to find a company that does excellent work, let alone several companies! So when you find one like Resource Land Care that does it all, you can stop wasting time searching. From landscaping and hardscaping to handyman services, we care for your property!

Top Notch Customer Service

Quality matters but so does customer experience. We want you to love working with us! We treat all our customers respectfully and make working with us a pleasure.


Showing You’re Resourceful Shows You Care About Your Property

Lawn Care

We take care of your lawn from regular mowing, edging, trimming, and blowing to the maintenance tasks required each season like fertilization, weeding, aeration, overseeding and more!


Landscaping is a lot of things. It includes the design, installation, and maintenance of all your living landscape elements. From inception to maintenance, we take care of all the elements of your landscape, including grass, trees, hedges, and flower beds.


Our concrete service includes driveway work, walkways, and concrete curbing. Our quality workmanship creates the perfect surface for your needs.

Hardscaping & Retaining Walls

Not everything that makes your yard special is living. We also create hardscaped outdoor living spaces and retaining walls for your flowers and hills. We will turn your backyard into your dream space by adding fire pits, water features, and outdoor kitchens. And our 3D design allows you to visualize it before installation.

Power Washing

Your home and outdoor surfaces need help staying clean. But while power washing might seem simple, doing it hastily or with the wrong pressure can damage your property. With our skilled power washing pros, we give your home a new shine while protecting everything from damage.

Fence Work

They say good fences make good neighbors, but more importantly, they keep your pets and children safe. We build wooden and vinyl fencing to create the perfect look for your home while keeping it secure. We also handle fence repairs.



Everything living needs water; the easiest way to keep it watered consistently is by installing an irrigation system. Set on a timer, and your irrigation system will water your plants the perfect amount at the perfect time.

Landscape Lighting

With all the work you put into your property, you don’t want only to see it during daylight! Landscape lighting keeps your home visible at all times while also providing safety and security for your home. More lights mean fewer stumbles and a lower probability of crime.

Handyman Services

The term ‘handyman’ is fairly broad and can relate to anything that needs to be repaired on your property. Our version of the service is purely for your benefit to ensure you’re not dealing with anything broken or malfunctioning.


Drainage is an important service because your property’s value depends on it. We prevent flooding from taking over and destroying your landscape by moving the excess water to more needed areas.

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